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StanceBeam Striker review by Adam Jones (Auckland U19 Cricketer)
StanceBeam Striker review by Graeme Beghin (Head Coach - Developing Future Aces)



The Striker is designed to fit on top of any cricket bat and becomes the brain of your smart bat. The 3D sensor then connects to our APP ecosystem across iOS and Android. Smart motion sensors built into the device provide a validated set of data which provides the 3D swing analysis, Bat Speed generated, Power index and shot efficiency. The Sensor also includes a bat mount for seamless integration onto any cricket bat - a charging cradle designed to keep you powered on the go - and also a locking key to make sure that the Striker remains inside the bat sleeve. The Striker includes a fully rechargeable battery which gives 6 hours battery life and features both inbuilt and cloud storage to allow you to either view information live on your device or post an innings or training session.

Locking Key

The locking key let’s you lock the sensor into place - and remove it for charging.


The StanceBeam Striker is the unique motion sensor that caputres all the information on your game - and Connects with the StanceBeam APP.

Bat Mount

The Bat Mount slides over the handle of your cricket bat and hold’s the sensor in place - this allows any cricket bat to work with the Striker.

Charging Cradle

Simple, Lightweight and Portable.

Replaceable Bat Mounts

Multicolored bat mounts are available you can choose any one of them.

Rechargeable Battery

Inbuilt battery that lasts the distance - over 6 Hours battery and fully rechargeable.

Quick Assembly

Designed to quickly assembled on top of your bat handle so you can start your sessions without any hassle.

Cloud Storage

To provide you access of your sessions data wherever you go. You can just login to your account and sync all the previous sessions you have played.


THE STANCEBEAM APP is the soul of the interactions with your smart cricket bat. Available on the iOS APP Store and also the Google Play store for android

The app allows you to

Monitor a Session in Real Time

Produce a Session Summary

3D Shot Analysis and Recreation

Compare your progress over time

Available on Android and iOS – the StanceBeam app allows you to get an new view on your game – during the longest of sessions. See information live or post your session – your batting will never be the same again.

Awesome Features

The main metrics that our app produces for you are-

3D Swing

Get a full 3D analysis of your shots - both live and in detailed session summaries and reports

Session Details

All your shots are available for review - get a full shot by shot review of your training session or your match performance

Speed (Max/Impact)

See your maximum and impact speeds for all your swings while you are playing your session.

Power Generated

StanceBeam app displays power generated by your swings.

Angles & Directions

You can see your Backlift angle and direction, downswing angle and your follow-through angle for all your swings in StanceBeam app.

Shot efficiency

StanceBeam app calculates efficiency of your shot so you can improve your timing of impact on the ball.


Assembling the best innovators in technology, cricket and business – Stancebeam is leading the way in the connected sports global markets.


Founder & CEO

A passionate Marathon Runner and cyclist, he foresees the future of sports is driven by technology. He is having a decade-long corporate experience working in different Technology roles and four years of experience in Sports Technology.



Passionate cricketer and marathon runner, having more than 10 years experience in embedded systems, mobile networks and software tools. He is involved in the new wave of IoT in India.


Engineering Director

A passionate runner and Sports lover, having 6 years of experience in IOT | Sports Tech | Healthcare | Smart Wearable.


Global Marketing Director

Drew has over 7 years experience on the category across a number of roles. A passionate cricketer and lover of technology – Drew loves checking his session with Stancebeam



“Coming through the grade cricket ranks can be tough, Stancebeam has helped me find the extra 1% in my game”



“I love cricket – and Stancebeam is helping me become a better player every time I train.”


Cricket Coach

“Adding technology to our training sessions has helped our team train harder – and play better.”

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